House of Frankenstein (1997)

House of Frankenstein (1997)

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House of Frankenstein

Year: 1997
Directed by: Peter Werner
Produced by: Michael Joyce, David Israel
Studio: Universal Pictures
Starring: Adrian Pasdar, Greg Wise, Teri Polo

Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Don Davis
Music scoring mixer Armin Steiner
Music editor Stan Jones


Original score album released on Prometheus Records.


"Don Davis' honest genre effort manages to stir up more than a little excitement, encompassing both Davis' traditional and atonal, dissonant approaches." - Ryan Keaveney, Cinemusic Online

"Emphasizing large orchestra and choir, Davis creates a hugely intense wall of sound that creates a powerful, larger-than-life dynamic, including a somewhat Carl Orff/'Conan' rhythmic choral sensibility that creates an appropriately mythological legendry surrounding the characters." - Randall D. Larson, Fandom

"Its moments of choral majesty are simply superb, as are Davis' employment of a decently sized orchestra and his subsequent whipping of a good pace out of it." - Christian Clemmensen, Filmtracks

"Right from the get-go in the 'Main Title', Davis mixes a large and powerful orchestra with a prominent but not overpowering bed of electronic effects and a huge mixed-voice choir, creating a wonderful sonic experience that pulsates with brooding energy and Gothic grandeur. To resort to a simile, the score plays like a cross between Bram Stoker's Dracula and Hellraiser II with the occasional hint of James Horner thrown in for good measure." - Jonathan Broxton, Movie Music UK

"I highly recommend it as one of Don Davis' better works." - Andrew Drannon, Scoresheet

"Even given something of dubious origins, Davis can come away with his musical credentials intact as this is generally a strong effort." - Tom Daish, Soundtrack Express

"This was one of those situations where a particular aspect of a production overcame and surpassed the rest of the show. In this case, it was the music." - Dan Goldwasser, SoundtrackNet

"House of Frankenstein is further hard evidence that Don Davis is no one-hit wonder in the film music world." - Christopher Coleman, Tracksounds