Jurassic Park III (2001)

Jurassic Park III (2001)

> Isla Sorna Sailing Situation
> Udesky, Nash and Cooper
> Kirby Paint and Tile Plus
> Bone Man Ben
> Raptor Eggs
> Party Crasher
> Reaching for Glory
> River Reminiscence
> Raptor Harassment

Jurassic Park III

Year: 2001
Directed by: Joe Johnston
Produced by: Kathleen Kennedy, Larry Franco, Steven Spielberg
Studio: Universal Pictures
Starring: Sam Neill, William H Macy, Tea Leone

Music composed, conducted and orchestrated by Don Davis
Original themes by John Williams
Recorded at the Newman Scoring Stage, Twentieth-Century Fox
Concertmaster Clayton Haslop
Music scoring mixer Armin Steiner
Music editor Joe E Rand and Barbara McDermott
Assistand music editor Brenda Heins
Orchestra contractor Sandy DeCrescent
Hollywood Film Chorale contracted by Sally Stevens
Copyist Jo Ann Kane


Original score album released on Decca / Universal Classics.
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"Davis's accomplished use of orchestral color and dynamics is a crucial element that seamlessly fuses actors and CGI-saurs, shading both with crucial emotional dimensions. And unlike all too many generic action scores, this one won't insult your intelligence as it builds to the modernist maelstrom of 'Clash of Extinction' and heroic thematic resolve of 'The Hat Returns/End Credits.'" - Jerry McCulley, Amazon.com

"Davis' score continues the expansion of Jurassic Park, but rather than leaving Williams' themes to themselves for the obligatory end titles statement, Don Davis brings them out in full dress, integrating them seamlessly into his own score (with his own handful of themes). The results sound very much like a John Williams score (a hinting reprise of the racing strings from The Lost World's 'Visitor in San Diego' in Davis' 'Billy Oblivion' is just one of many integrations of Williams material in the score), and that's where the brilliance resides -- the legacy of Jurassic Park film music continues un-interrupted." - Ryan Keaveney, Cinemusic Online

"The complexity of Davis' score is to par with that of Williams. All three films really tax the abilities of the string section, especially during the frightening chase scenes. The raptor attacks are scored very well, as Davis' intuition for writing darker, more mystical music shows through." - Christian Clemmensen, Filmtracks

"Many of the favourite Davis ideas, the overlapping low brass of The Matrix in particular, get plenty of air time in and around the Williams styled music." - Tom Daish, Soundtrack Express

"By taking the language that Williams created for the first two films and deconstructing it, Davis has written a score that meshes in quite well to the world of Jurassic Park without feeling tacked on or forced. There are plenty of orchestration techniques that shout out as "Williams" techniques. Davis has truly done his homework." - Dan Goldwasser, SoundtrackNet

"The score is clearly Williamsesque and for that Davis is to be applauded. Reproducing Williams' themes is one thing. Reproducing his style is another. It is clear that Davis listened to and studied not only Williams' scores for the previous two films but Williams' compositional style of the last few years. Be that as it may, this Jurassic Park score is still marked by Davis' own musical signature." - Christopher Coleman, Tracksounds