The Unsaid (2001)

The Unsaid (2001)

> Main Title
> Barbara Cadabara
> The Kyle Subsitute
> Dream About Kyle
> Barbara Blondage
> Harry's Little Secret
> Tommy Trouble
> Tommy Redeems Michael

The Unsaid

Year: 2001
Directed by: Tom McLoughlin
Produced by: Tom Berry, Matthew Hastings, Kelley Feldsott Reynolds
Studio: Kandu Entertainment, Minds Eye Pictures, New Legend Media, Reynolds Entertainment Distributors, Global Cinema Group
Starring: Andy Garcia, Chelsea Field, Linda Cardellini

Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Don Davis
Recorded at the L.A. East Studios, Salt Lake City
Music scoring mixer Armin Steiner
Music editor Ellen Segal
Assistand music editor Brenda Heins
Orchestra contractor Donna Kay Flint
Copyist North Coast Music Preparation


Original score album released on Prometheus Records.
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"This is the kind of project that showcases the exceptional talents of Don Davis…" - Ryan Keaveney, Cinemusic.Net

"It's a truly beautiful score, written in a very different style from what might be expected by those familiar with Davis mainly through his wonderfully modern, avant garde Matrix scores." - James Southall, MovieWave

"...features a great theme by Davis and some very good orchestrations between the piano, strings, and English horn…" - Mike Brennan, SoundtrackNet